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1/6 Scale Rambo III – John Rambo Figure by ThreeZero

$ 209.99 USD

Product Description:

Rambo III sees Sylvester Stallone return as John Rambo, who is making a peaceful life for himself as Buddhist in Thailand. After initially refusing to join Colonel Trautman on a mission to Afghanistan, John Rambo learns his friend has been captured and subjected to torture by invading Russian forces led by Colonel Zaysen. Rambo volunteers for a top secret mission to free Colonel Trautman. Joining up with Mujahedeen rebels, Rambo enlists their help to stop Zaysen and rescue Colonel Trautman.

The 1/6th Scale John Rambo Collectible Figure features:

  • Head sculpt features a realistic likeness of actor Sylvester Stallone
  • 12 inches (~30cm) custom designed action figure body
  • Exchangeable hands
  • Military jacket
  • Tank top
  • Military watch
  • Military pants
  • Belt
  • Boots
Weapons & Accessories:
  • Compound bow with quiver & 5 arrows
  • C4 explosive
  • Boot dagger
  • Survival knife with sheath
  • AK with M203 grenade launcher
  • RPG-7 launcher
  • Jade pendant
  • Military bag
**Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different.
**Product details are subject to change without further notice.

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