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1/6 Scale WWII 101st Airborne Division “Guy Whidden, II" Figure (SS110) by Soldier Story

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Product Description:

The 1/6th Scale WWII 101st Airborne Division “Guy Whidden, II" Collectible Figure features:


  • M-1C paratrooper helmet (metal)
  • M-1C helmet net cover
  • US airborne garrison cap
  • M5-11-7 assault gas mask
  • Gas mask filter
  • M-1944 dust goggles (clear lens)
  • M-1944 dust goggles (dark polarizing lens)
  • WWII WW2 Guy Whidden, II life live head sculpt
  • S2.5 BODY
  • Weapon bare Hand (1 Pair)
  • Bendable bare Hand (1 Pair)
  • Bare Feet (1 Pair)
  • GI wool shirt
  • M-1942 parachutist jacket
  • M-1942 parachutist pants
  • Corcoran jump boots (sewing leather)
  • M-1936 suspenders
  • Shoulder pads
  • M-1938 riding gloves
  • M-1936 pistol belt
  • M-1910 canteen cover
  • M-1910 canteen (metal)
  • M-1910 canteen cup (metal)
  • M-1942 first aid pouch
  • M-1910 entrenching tool cover
  • M-1910 E tool entrenching tool shovel (metal)
  • M-1936 musette jump bag
  • Paratrooper rigger universal ammo pouch
  • TL-122 flashlight torch
  • M-1918 combat knife
  • M-1918 knife sheath
  • M-2 folding knife
  • M-2 grenade
  • M-1 ammunition carrying /w carrying strap
  • Paratrooper wrist compass (1944)
  • Model A-11 US military watch
  • Paratrooper cricket
  • MKII No75 “Hawkins Mine” (/w leg strap)
  • M-7 black rubberized gas mask bag
  • B-4 life vest (1943 dated)
  • Airborne let down rope
  • T-5 parachute main pack (/w harness)
  • T-5 reserve chest pack
  • Paratrooper leg bag
  • M1A1 carbine folding paratrooper stock (wood / metal)
  • M1 carbine sling
  • M1A1 10rd magazine x 4
  • M1A1 Scabbard (for M1A1 carbine folding stock)
  • M1911 .45 pistol
  • M1911 7rd magazine x 3
  • M-1916 pistol holster
  • New design round classic figure stand /w exclusive Guy Whidden,II photo etch name plate
**Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different.
**Product details could be subject to change without further notice.

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