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Voltron: Defender of the Universe - Voltron Figure by 5Pro Studio x Blitzway

$ 140.00 USD

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Manufacturer Estimated Release Date: End of 1st Quarter 2022
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Product Description:

Introducing the VOLTRON, a new CARBOTIX series that Blitzway has ambitiously prepared. In order to perfectly reproduce the Voltron that appears in the anime, Blitzway carefully analyzed the five lions. Free-moving joints that could reproduce their dynamic poses in the animation, while maintaining perfect proportions while in their lion states. It has been made possible to maintain perfect proportions without losing shape even when the five lions are combined to form Voltron.

Various materials were considered to provide a little fun during the assembly process. To ensure that you don't experience any stress when combining the figures, unnecessary structures have been boldly removed. Like other transforming robot series, alloy parts have been used in the right places to give the satisfying feeling of holding a heavy robot. Each lion's eyes have an LED light to create an animated robot appearance, and the cover that hides unnecessary parts when the robots are combined achieves the appearance of Voltron with a higher degree of perfection.

The included action base enables you to display each lion as if they are floating in the air using support shaped as a trajectory of light representing each lion. This support can also be used to mount weapons when combined into the form of Voltron.

The Voltron Collectible Figure features:

  • 14.96 inches (38cm) (when assembled)
  • Made of die-cast and plastic
  • Figure: Die-cast and PVC, ABS & POM plastics
  • Base: ABS plastic
  • Equipment: PVC & ABS plastics
  • Based on the Voltron: Defender of the Universe TV series
  • Combine the 5 lions to create Voltron
  • Fully articulated
  • Features LED light-up eyes
  • Display as 5 separate lions or as the combined Voltron
  • Red Lion figure
    • Lava canon
    • Plasma flash canon
    • Mouth blade
  • Blue Lion figure
    • Shoulder cannon
    • Mortar canon
    • Mouth blade
  • Yellow Lion figure
    • Shotgun shoulder blaster
    • Blockbuster turrets
    • Mouth blade
  • Green Lion figure
    • Laser canon
    • Shooting star
    • Mouth blade
  • Black Lion figure
    • 2 Rotary canons
    • Mouth Blade
  • Commander Kieth mini figure
  • Princess Allura mini figure
  • Pidge mini figure
  • Lance mini figure
  • Hunk mini figure
  • Blazing Sword
  • Spinning Laser Blade
  • Solar Combat Spears
  • Roaring face plate
  • Display base
**Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
**Product details are subject to change without further notice

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